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May 25 – 26th 2016

The National Videogame Arcade

Wednesday | Thursday

Please note certain times and details may be subject to change

Wednesday, May 25th

Arrival & Coffee

Dawn Ashman, Director, Creative Industries, Arts Council England

This is Continue, a new annual Conference bringing together the videogame and culture people & establishments. Dawn Ashman welcomes you all to the event and introduces what it hopes to achieve.

An Inconvenient Arcade
Iain Simons, Co-Director, The National Videogame Arcade

The National Videogame Arcade opened just over a year ago, built on ten years of activity established with the GameCity festival. Co-Director Iain Simons talks about what the NVA is attempting to achieve, its strategies for doing so and explores some of the tensions inherent in being an arcade / museum / experience / day out.

Interlude: What Games Are #1

Holly Gramazio
Some Games and how people played them

Holly Gramazio is a game designer and curator. She makes games that usually have some physical element – for example, Hotel Room, an installation in a hotel room where you play in both the physical room and a digital recreation: or Games for Places, site-specific physical games for a series of locations across East Durham.

Interlude : Play This Next

This conference is fully-playable. This is the first of four sessions looking at the diversity of the Videogame experience, explained by playing.


Interlude: What Games Are #2

Ed Key & Hannah Nicklin

Twisted Tree Games are videogame artists renowned for their collaborative approach to game making. Here, Ed and Hannah reveal some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in bringing different art forms together.

Case Study
Jon Howard, BBC

Jon Howard is Executive Product Manager for Digital Creativity at the BBC.
Having worked across a huge variety of projects leading videogames for CBBC, Jon comes to Continue to share his experiences of commissioning and production.

Case Study
Sarah Ellis, RSC

Sarah Ellis is head of Digital Development at the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Drawing on recent RSC productions including Midsummer Night’s Dreaming, Adelaide Road and The Tempest, Sarah will explore how games and gaming technology is continuing to influence and be used by artists and theatre practitioners.

Interlude: Play This Next

Live Design!
Martha Henson

A look at the nuts and bolts of creating games for cultural organisations, including a play session of ‘Cat On Yer Head’ – a game about game design.

The evening programme has been left free for you to enjoy networking in some of our partner bars & restaurants, or to stay and play & talk at the NVA!

Thursday, May 26th

Arrival & Coffee

Peter Bazalgette

Sir Peter Bazalgette, ACE National Chair and ITV Chairman introduces us to the second day of Continue.

Interlude: Play this next

Games in Cultural Spaces
Conrad Bodman, BFI

In his talk Conrad will explore the development of his games exhibition projects. He will discuss interpretative methodologies, design development and international touring as well as how to grow new audiences for games exhibitions and digital innovation events.

Guardian Culture Network Panel
Simon Parkin (host)

Responding to questions from the audience and from Guardian readers, this panel puts some difficult questions to an esteemed panel. Chaired by New Yorker / Guardian writer, Simon Parkin.


Interlude: What Games Are #3
Interlude: Play This Next

What can games do for me?
Martha Henson

Bringing together the themes of Continue into a practical workshop, this workshop session splits the conference into groups to answer that question.
“Make a promotional game” is not an acceptable answer.


Super Happy Fun Times

Live synchronous multi-player gaming. Gregg Tavares has created a fantastic, open-source platform – here we invite you to play on it to close the Conference.

GameCityNights: Continue

Every month at the National Videogame Arcade we present GameCityNights.
Live music, guests, competitions, fun – it’s videogames’ night out.
Continue delegates are warmly invited to attend, but will need to book their place in advance as the event is open to the public.