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GameCity 9

Welcome to GameCity, Europe’s biggest and best-loved videogame culture festival!

Experience a huge range of playful events in and around Nottingham from October 25th-1st November 2014.

The festival is mostly free* to attend and there are loads of events suitable for all ages. It’s overflowing with fun, exciting, interesting things to do during the October half term. There’ll be a schedule of events for you to see really soon, plus lots of exciting news and surprise announcements to come over the next few months.

Our plan is to look at videogames from a different perspective, and encourage everyone to do the same. After all, games aren’t just for playing. They’re for learning. And for teaching. And for inspiring. At this year’s festival, we want to achieve this in the most accessible, engaging way possible.


Our after-dark exploration of videogame culture…

For the last four years, on the last thursday of every month in Nottingham, developers and students have met to