GameCity 9
25 October – 1 November 2014
All over Nottingham, UK

“There is no other festival in the World like GameCity…”

The Guardian

Click here for Initial Line-Up

This year is going to be transformational for GameCity –
there’s SO much for you to do
and some amazing new plans we want to share .
We’ve just published the initial line-up, and there’s LOTS more to come!

STEAM School workshops will be open for registration very soon,
so check the site, media & twitter for details…

Gisborne Industries Launch Party!

Local businessman Guy Gisborne is proud to welcome
you to the launch party for his new startup, Gisborne Industries.
Come and enjoy an evening with the movers and shakers of the military industrial complex,
and get a sneak peak at some of the security training software Gisborne’s team have
been prototyping with London based Artificial Life Solutions.
They call it ‘Volume’, we call it the next big thing!

At last, a videogame festival for everybody.

Every year, the best people in video games from around the World come to Nottingham to have the most fun.

GameCity is about playing, watching, making, eating, shouting – all the best things.

Together, we’re going to find out what a videogame festival should be!


We think that games are for everybody

(That’s both playing AND making…)

Videogames get more and more interesting as they’re made by different kinds of people. That’s why we try and show lots of brilliant stuff that you might not have seen before.

Maybe you should make one?

Can’t play this at home.

The Open Arcade brings you surprises you can only find at GameCity.

We’ve got some amazing things for you this year
and there’s lots more to come…

Don’t just play them.
Make your own.

Some of the best developers in the World want to help you create your own game.
The only question is, what are you going to make?

You’re all invited.

GameCity will be all over Nottingham from October 25 – Nov 1.

The full programme will be published soon, but in the meantime you can follow us on twitter or on the CityHall blog for the MOST up-to-date news!