The Gamecity Festival is over for another year…

2015 saw us mark the tenth anniversary of the video game festival that has seen world-record attempts, bake-offs, zombies…

marioke med

We still believe games are for everyone and this year we’ve seen world-class developers alongside local indie dev exhibitors, students, families, first-time gamers and enthusiasts all come together to celebrate everything that games are and can be!

The Festival kicked off with a theatrical flourish from Mario! The Musical!
Starbound took visitors on a journey to colonise Outer Space with their residency at the NVA!

Guardian Breakfasts helmed by Keith and Jordan were reason enough to rise early with special guests all week, engaged in light-hearted commentary over morning coffee and toast in the Toast bar.

Our highlights included talks from veterans of the British developer scene in ‘Britsoft’, beautiful Russian animations, A History of 10 years of LEGO games, launching of new games studio Sensible Object and unique VR experiences in the Nottingham Council House.

Marioke returned for another evening of unforgettable wailing… er, singing.

City of Football and GameCity ‘GameChangers’ football enabled us to see the traditional game in diverse new ways with people signing up to play new versions of the ‘beautiful game’ – such as “Frogball” on the Market Square.

The NVA ‘home of video games’ introduced a whole new generation to GameCity with young developers from NVA GameClub exhibiting their first ever games with other exhibitors in OpenGameCity.

And it all culminated in the Sheriff’s Gauntlet – a series of challenges undertaken across the City – to be crowned LEGEND!

Thanks to all of our volunteer crew, all our exhibitors, staff and most importantly our visitors continued support. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Also a massive thank you to City of Football, Confetti, Nottingham Trent University, Creative Quarter, and Notts City Council.