NEWS : GameCityNights #7 – G5 Summit

GameCityNights, Season One, Episode Seven – G5 Summit

Friday 27th August, 7.30PM, Antenna

5. Five. V. 5ive. 5iVe? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Now, with the fifth GameCity Festival in sight, the G5 Summit is being assembled. This month’s GameCityNights will preview October’s week long celebration of videogame culture, reveal some amazing Festival lineup news, and ask for your input. Are you passionate about Nottingham’s cultural output? What do you want from a videogame festival? Do you want to get involved? What did you like about the four previous festivals? What didn’t you like? Because that’s perfectly fine too. We like constructive criticism and we’re all about self-deprecation. Let’s laugh about it. HAHAHA remember that time when we tried to do that thing and it didn’t quite work? HAHAHA. What we *really* need to do is discuss measures to promote the brilliance of videogames and play. How do we make this game-centric world of ours inclusive to everyone? What do the general public even like nowadays apart from Britain’s Got Talent? Should we just have more urban dance troupes? In cosplay costumes. Breakdancing Blood Elves, job done.

The facts.

  • This is a slightly more intimate affair than previous GameCityNights and there are limited places available. Because of this, you’ll need to register to secure your entry at: www.gamecity.org/events/tickets
  • When you register, you will be given the difficult choice of three ticket types: AmbassadorPress and Observer.
  • Please note, an Ambassador ticket offers you a seat at the Summit table and the chance to take part in an open-forum, tackling issues INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to the continued stability of the GameCity Festival. You may also be given a Ferrero Rocher.
  • A Press ticket is for those of you who attend on behalf of a media outlet. It will offer you precisely the same status as the other ticket and we welcome your comments but you will be treated as suspicious. You will only get a Ferrero Rocher if you’re nice about us.
  • An Observer ticket is for those who are more than happy to take a back seat and well, observe. You won’t have a seat at the main table, The Table of Progress, but you will be able to vote on votable things, play games and drink to your heart’s content.

Accordingly, The G5 Summit will be held in Antenna, Beck Street (which is between Oceana and the Total Garage should you want a dance or a pint of milk after the event), Nottingham, NG1 1EQ. Antenna will be serving food from 6pm, with the event beginning at 7.30PM. Admittance is 18+ so please bring I.D. Entrance will be £3 to be paid on arrival at Antenna but you must register here: www.gamecity.org/events/tickets to secure your entry to the event.

Facebook event here.

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