NEWS : GameCityNights #8 – Hydrophobia


GameCityNights, Season One, Episode Eight – Hydrophobia

Friday 1st October, 6.00pm, Antenna

Following in the wake of the G5 Summit, a new wave of GameCityNights is rolling out. Responding to suggestions and producing amazing events that you want is super important to us. Keeping ideas from our audience in mind, we’re testing the waters with a slightly altered programme for Episode 8 and subsequent GameCityNights.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Dark Energy Digital, creators of multiple award-winning*, Hydrophobia, are dropping anchor at GameCityNights #8. Joining us will be Rob Hewson, Senior Creative Designer; and Pete Jones, Creative Director, who had this to say:

“As creators of the game that will redefine download games; Hydrophobia, we are delighted to be taking part in GameCityNights 8. This is an important event for us and we are very much looking forward to meeting the gamers to talk about the launch (and development) of our new baby”

A few weeks ago we asked our audience who they’d like to see at GameCityNights, and the first name that came up was Dark Energy Digital. Coincidentally, we’d been looking for a developer to demonstrate real-time water physics for months – so this really is the perfect match.

Hydrophobia (which is definitely not about rabies) uses Dark Energy Digital’s own “InfiniteWorlds™” game creation system, and features the first outing for their revolutionary “HydroEngine™” technology allowing for a dynamic simulation of flowing water. For a game based entirely on a huge ocean vessel under attack by terrorist philosophers that seems pretty important.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from the developers of an extraordinary title that has pushed back the boundaries for downloadable games. Getting to see it in action, and play it for ourselves will be a bonus of titanic proportions.

Also appearing:

At the G5 Summit, Nerf Games teased us with details and concept art for Abstract, their follow-up title to Avoid. At GCN8 we’ll be seeing and playing another game from their expanding catalogue of awesomeness, Actuate.

Also joining us will be Ben Bradley with his independently made game, Substream:

“Substream is an indie game which will be released on PC next year, it’s an abstract shooter that’s aiming to push music-synchronization further than it’s been before, and features a unique visual style and crazy environment animations.”

Richard Brooksby will be along to talk about Floe, a cute puzzle game where you help a baby polar bear as well as a GameJam event that he’ll be running at GameCity5.

Rob Williams, of Trent FM Arena Nottingham, will be our first volunteer for the new Speaker’s Corner section of the evening. Rob’s going to be bringing one of his favourite games (any guesses what?) and get on his soapbox to preach on behalf of the title.

Paul Butler will be delivering some excellent comedy. Wait, what? That’s right, you heard – Paul Butler! Comedy!

Wow. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.


Please register on Eventbrite here: http://gamecitynights8.eventbrite.com/ to secure your entry to the event. Entrance will be £3 to be paid on arrival at Antenna.

GameCityNights #8 begins at 6pm with playable games and things to do. Antenna will be serving food from 6pm. Admittance is 18+ so please bring I.D. Entrance just £3 on the door but you must register to secure your entry using the link above!

*Best Downloadable Game – Gametrailers.com, XBLA Game of E3 – IncGamers.com, Best of E3 (joint winner) – IncGamers.com

Hydrophobia is set to be released on September 29th as an episodic downloadable title on Xbox Live as part of Microsoft’s “Game Feast”.

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