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As we roll into 2013, we’re starting the year with something a bit different for us here at GameCity.

In 2013, we’re challenging students to truly explore their creativity by going Off the Map. In a partnership with our friends at Crytek and the British Library, we’re giving talented teams the chance to build using CryENGINE® software.

This unique project offers participating students from various colleges and universities the chance to be part of the possible future of interaction technology. But how we hear you say?

Here is where we welcome one of our partners in this project – the British Library. As part of this challenge, we want to see participants create interactive environments inspired by the amazing, and famous, British Library cartographic map collection.
The only limits to this project is the students own imagination. Because the collection is so extensive, we’re hoping to really see some amazing environments come out of this and, as an added bonus, those who make something that bit special will have their work judged by a panel. Their builds will then go on to be featured at events worldwide – obviously including our very own GameCity 8 in October this year.

One of the speakers at the launch today, Ian Livingstone CBE, said: “”I’m delighted to see the launch of this new project, bringing together the heritage and esteem of the British Library’s collection with the bleeding edge technology. Once again, GameCity are starting new conversations about videogames and pointing to the future for this most vibrant of art forms.”

Why are we so enthusiastic about this project?

Apart from the fact we get to work alongside such innovative partners, we also get a first-hand look at the possible future talent for this field. Part of what we do at GameCity is creating conversations between videogames and the rest of the culture surrounding it. Maps have had a massive role in videogame technology since the good old days of gaming with a joystick so linking these historic guides to cutting-edge gaming technology directly bridges that void.

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