Adam Saltsman and Rebecca Mayes

NEWS : Saltsman and Mayes. The Whole Story.

Adam Saltsman and Rebecca Mayes

Adam Atomic + Rebecca Mayes = The World’s Best Videogame made in 72 hours

We are really excited to announce that Rebecca Mayes, our favourite singing games reviewer, is going to be joining Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman, creator of Canabalt, in his endeavour to create an incredible game live at GameCity 5.

This crazy feat of endurance was first mentioned at GameCityNights’ G5 Summit by Adam, speaking to audience members directly via the internets. His project brief was to take ideas from festival attendees including kids, parents, students, bank managers, anyone; turning them into a working game as quickly as humanly possible.

Adam will spend a couple of days taking people’s ideas in a variety of creative ways and turning them into in-game features. We’ll want your sketches, doodles, scrawled notes, tweets, haikus, and improv-performances to generate storylines, theme, characters, enemies, levels and other features.

Rebecca Mayes will be composing an original score for the game, as well as inviting people to bring their own instruments and join in the creative process. We’re expecting a joyous symphonic experience in the GameCityLounge side of the tent. Or a massive racket, either’s good. Bring along an instrument, your voice, or noise-generator and be part of something amazing.

The project begins on Wednesday 27th October with ideas starting to roll in until the end of Thursday 28th. The build begins on Friday 29th October at 10am, as the pair begin their working day in front of the festival audience, with Rebecca leading the improvised music workshop.

At the end of the day we should hopefully have a finished game to play, complete with original soundtrack!

Adam said:

“I’m hugely excited about this new collaboration with my co-worker Rebecca. We’ll leverage agile resources, action items and synergy to create a forward-thinking, outside-the-box solution with immense market potential for our demographic.  Or, we’ll make a rad game.  We still haven’t decided.”

Rebecca added:

”This project is the height of craziness. It is such an honour to be working with Adam and GameCity on a groundbreaking venture. I’d like to get as many people involved as possible, I hope everyone turns up with their instruments and best singing voices, or even just to see whether we actually pull it off.”

Super. Now to work on my idea for an end-of-level boss.

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