Papers,please wins the 2014 GameCity Prize!

The Shortlist

A gender-balanced, international academy comprised of developers, gamers and specialist journalists are tasked with selecting the shortlist for consideration.

We’re asking you which are the 6 games you’d show to someone in order to demonstrate what’s brilliant and interesting about videogames.

We want to encourage diversity – we’re looking to you to show the jurors the breadth of what videogames are.

Through rounds of weighted voting, the long list is reduced to the final shortlist.

These are the games that are delivered to the jury for consideration. You can discover the 2014 shortlist here.

The Jury

The jury are invited to take part by GameCity because we think they are interesting and excellent individuals, but also that as a group they might create a fascinating conversation.

They are invited to consider their experience with the games as a whole, that is to say that for many of them this might be the first time they have had a videogame machine in their homes.

The jury are taking part because they are interested in exploring video games.

None of the jury are paid for taking part in the GameCityPrize.

Find out about the 2014 Jury here.

The Event

On October 29th, in a special event at the GameCity festival, we will be announcing the winner.

“A fitting conclusion to a festival that has always celebrated the artistic, cultural importance of video games, holding the medium up as something that’s inclusive, and should be enjoyed by anyone and not just core gamers.”


“In many ways, it’s a much more important prize than a Game of the Year nod or a Spike VGA award.”