Weekly Panegyric: Baiyon

Next to step up to the panegyric podium is superstar DJ Baiyon who witnessed the sights and sounds of Nottingham for the first time last year, as well as providing his own in a great ‘My Game’ discussion with Rob Williams and during an awesome set at our One Night Left clubnight.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Baiyon from Kyoto. I have been working as a sound producer / DJ / art director/ graphic designer. I used to have a series of Manga on Japanese fashion magazine and also design some products such as T-shirts from time to time. Now I am also a head of an indie label called Descanso.

In recent years, I have been involved in game industry as well. I was one of the art and sound directors of “PixelJunk Eden” in 2008 and also I worked on some tracks and musical instruments for game players to use in “Little Big Planet 2” last year.

Currently I have been working on a new PixelJunk series called “lifelike” in collaboration with Q-Games.

Take us through your past experiences at GameCity, and what has been your favourite moment?

In fact, last year was my first visit to GameCity. It was an astonishing experience. It is because I found that GameCity was collaborating not only with game industry but also with the whole city Nottingham. One of the most impressive events there was the party held in Gatecrasher where I played as DJ on my final night in Nottingham. The party was not “closed” but “open” to everybody and the customers were all mixed with the local residents of the town and the participants in GameCity. That was a beautiful mess!! When I finished my encore play, it was almost the time dawn breaks, and I was tired and dizzy while waiting for my return flight…But it is one of my best memories!!

GameCity has been described as “the shining beacon of light in a bleak and desolate landscape devoid of happiness”. Do you agree?

As I recall, I think I saw GameCity staffs peddling bicycles to generate electricity! (laughs)

Why should GameCity’s approach to videogame culture matter?

As I mentioned above, GameCity is such an unique game event as the whole Nottingham is involved. I saw lots of kids having fun there at various times. If I have lived in Nottingham when I was little, I must have been looking forward to this event coming every year. And this should mean GameCity is more than a simple game event.
It is something like an extraordinary event takes place in an ordinary street. You can happen to meet a game booth on your neighbour street. You meet many strangers and new experiences in the street you walk by every day instead of making yourself burst in the amusement park after a long journey by car or train.

In no more than 30 words, finish this sentence; “GameCity changed my life because…..”

I finally could make my first visit to GameCity in Nottingham! (laughs)

What would be the last game you’d play before an impending apocalypse?

Usually, I would answer to the question “what is your favourite game?” with “MOTHER” series, but I have other things I would like to do than playing games if I know it is just before the end of the world.

Besides, I kind of doubt that we could have electricity for playing video games at an impending apocalypse…

Thanks, Baiyon. We hope you enjoyed the Fish ‘n’ Chips. Oh, and the gravy. See you next time!

Learn more about Baiyon and his incredible multimedia work at


I'm Your Fan! : Pixeljunk Eden


Eden Mania.

A new event for GameCity invites the fans of videogames to share the stage with their creators to investigate exactly how they were made. Hopefully this fanboy/fangirl led interview will bridge the gap between creator and consumer while answering the questions that are important to someone who LOVES what they’ve played.

We are delighted to be welcoming Baiyon to GameCity for the first time to discuss his role in one of the best loved PSN titles, PixelJunk Eden with one of its biggest fans. Baiyon is a Japanese multimedia artist and designer of graphics and soundtrack for PixelJunk Eden.

More details including venue and time TBC. Final details will be available soon on, GameCity 5’s full line up and schedule.

Stand by for MORE Baiyon news VERY soon…